Real Time Opt-In Leads

Dated leads used to mean 30 days or longer, but in the super competitive world of Funding even a day or two can make the difference between getting the deal or watching another MCA funder seal the deal. Our system will send you the lead typically within 3 seconds of receiving it.

CRM Integration

We can route leads directly into your CRM in real time or send you the same via email if you prefer.  The set up is typically handled the same day, and once you have decided the lead volume you'd like to receive, the clients info will already be in your system by the time you are placed on the call.

Client Transfer

Immediately after an MCA lead fills out our inquiry you will get a phone call briefing you on their criteria and qualifications. You will be asked to press a key to be transferred. It's that simple. Immediate follow-up and powerful first impressions lead to more deals.



The pricing for real time opt-in MCA leads is $39 per lead, with a minimum order of 25 leads.  Most of our clients however run campaigns for much longer with weekly lead volume varying depending on your budget.  The Live Transfer option is an additional feature / expense, but is being offered to new clients at no extra cost currently as part of a promotion.

Give us a Try

There are many nameless faceless lead generation companies offering scrubbed data and resold leads out there. We are not one of them. We also do not presently have a shopping cart feature on this site as we believe that for something as important as delivering customers to your doorstep warrants some personal communication at a minimum, be it a phone call or brief email.  We want to understand your specific needs, budget allocation and conversion objectives so we can best meet your expectations and continue to serve you over the long haul.   Please click the contact button below to initiate a new order.


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