What’s your minimum MCA lead purchase?

25 leads

Can I get leads emailed as well as integrated into my CRM?

Yes, we’ll send both simultaneously

Where do the leads come from?

All MCA leads are generated from our proprietary digital marketing campaigns and include social media as well as various search engines

What criteria do you screen leads for?

Best MCA Leads deliver standard MCA fields including length of business, average monthly revenue & FICO score.  We can however work with you to tailor a campaign with custom fields if sports desired.

Do all of your leads come with Live Transfers?

Yes, we are currently offering that service to all new customers at no extra charge

Can I just get leads during business hours?

While many of the leads we generate at Best MCA Leads come in during the normal business day, many other owners do not have time to answer emails and inquiries until after their shops are closed. We will offer the live transfers 24/7 and you are only limited by the coverage of your sales force. After hours leads still hit your CRM and email and the next business morning the live transfer calls will include any leads that came in when you were not at the office in order of submission.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We will generally get back to you same business day and ideally much sooner